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unit 8 2.1

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Beren Attoe Portfolio FINAL

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Beren Attoe Portfolio FINAL 

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Week 4, 5 & 6 – Evolution & Beta Product


With the research and my skills analysed, I set about the creation process for my work. This spawned a few ‘beta’ designs and changes to my schedule, the setting and my expectations. By the end of Week 6, I had finished my presentation and knew how far I wanted to take this project, as well as the key elements of my fictional story.

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FMP Research Compilation


The center of my research for this project has always been visual novels. Danganronpa is the franchise in which my story is set in, but I also looked at other visual novels that I’ve read in order to learn from them. Each product will have a summary, proof of research and what I have taken from it. Tropes, themes, particular styles of writing, etc. The only exception to this will be the first topic – Danganronpa – as that warrants more in-depth analysis.

For the record, I have researched…

  • Two video game / novel franchises.
  • One movie, which serves as an influence for Danganronpa.
  • One song, though there are several covers of it by different artists.
  • Three different fields of study, ranging from hobbies to sciences. One is primary research. Two are secondary.
  • Five members of the Danganronpa community (the ‘fandom’).

Were this a spectrum, I would admit that it leans towards more secondary than primary research. Despite that, the results were bountiful. I do not feel as if I have lost anything because of the secondary-focused research, and I have actually learned more than I would have if this were primary-focused.

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