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unit 7 3.1

(Term 2) Week 11/12 – Finishing & Evaluation

Now that the project is finished, I can properly evaluate my work and what I have managed to come up with. However, first, here is the file. Using Flip PDF Professional (software that my dad happened to have), I was able to convert my finished booklet into a HTML file that included all the special effects and transparancy tricks I used. They’ll be talked about later on.

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(Term 2) InDesign Compilation

Due to issues out of my control, I was unable to make further InDesign guides before. Now, I’ve compiled all my InDesign learning into this one post, with step-by-step guides and screencaps. The end also has a few screencaps of what I’ve been able to create using this knowledge.

(They are titled by the notes I took on Google Documents. As such, their formatting may be a little inconsistent, as this took place over several weeks. This is only a minor issue, though, and can be remedied next time.)


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(Term 2) Week 4: Proposal + InDesign


(Unit 5, 6 and 7 -1.1 and 1.2)

  • What is your chosen area and why?

Canterbury High Street. As I walk through it often and it’s very local, it makes it easy to research. It is also the main place people go to in Canterbury, with a multitude of shops and places nearby, and it suits my idea well.

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