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unit 5 2.1

(Term 2) Week 11/12 – Finishing & Evaluation

Now that the project is finished, I can properly evaluate my work and what I have managed to come up with. However, first, here is the file. Using Flip PDF Professional (software that my dad happened to have), I was able to convert my finished booklet into a HTML file that included all the special effects and transparancy tricks I used. They’ll be talked about later on.

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(Term 2) Week 7/8/9/10 – Progress Update

These four weeks will be bundled into a single blog post to avoid repetition. The first week (7) was Progression Week, while the other three were in college. This is also a shorter blog post than usual, as now was the time to really focus on getting our project together. As a final note, our deadline has been extended by two weeks to give us more time. However, we cannot have any more time, as it would then be extending into our Final Major Project.

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(Term 2) Week 5/6: Nouns, Decluttering & Editing

During these two weeks, we learnt about nouns, verbs and word structure as a refresher. In addition, we also learnt about the importance of decluttering and editing our work. These two weeks are bundled together as they cover subjects in the same field, and go hand-in-hand together.

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(Term 2) Week 4: Proposal + InDesign


(Unit 5, 6 and 7 -1.1 and 1.2)

  • What is your chosen area and why?

Canterbury High Street. As I walk through it often and it’s very local, it makes it easy to research. It is also the main place people go to in Canterbury, with a multitude of shops and places nearby, and it suits my idea well.

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