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unit 3 2.1

Working practice in print based media industry. (Alma)

Print media is a section of the media industry, which is based around newspapers and magazines. Broadsheets and tabloids are further examples of this, as they’re print-based media and are the two types of newspapers. Over time, however, digital technology has heavily influenced the print industry. Many newspapers such as The Guardian and The Daily Mail have their own websites. Some are based entirely on digital web pages, with no physical copies being published.

The company I will be looking at is PC Gamer. Founded in the UK in 1993 (and in the US in 1994) and published by Future PLC (established in 1985), it started as a monthly publication before expanding and founding it’s own website at From the beginning, they aimed towards PC gamers as their target audience and regularly included interviews, reviews and previews for a wide variety of PC games. The Global Editor-in-Chief is Tim Clark, and he is based in the US.

While beginning as a publication and physical magazine, PC gamer expanded into the digital world through the internet. Creating a digital website, they used the popularity and mainstream usage of the internet in order to spread their news.


Week 3 Skills – Copywriting (Greg)

This week, I learnt the importance of copywriting and how good web design can help attract more readers. Copywriting is a form of writing on online media that is associated with advertising/marketing. It is specifically designed to persuade readers to take a particular action and to raise brand awareness.

Web design helps this. On the Internet, a recognizable and simple website will be visited more compared to another that produces the exact same content, but does it in a clunky, messy way. This is vital, as only 20% of readers will read beyond the headlines. Having a poorly built website reduces that already small percentage.

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Week 2 Skills – Journalism (Greg)

This week, I learnt the basic and fundamental skills of a journalist. The ability to discern between passive and active text, the importance of an article’s opening 25 words and what not to write. An article needs to have very little ‘fluff text’, meaning no adverbs, puns or extended metaphors, among others.

There is also the difference between tabloids and broadsheets. This is most noticeable in the language that they use. Tabloids are far more informal and visual, with an emphasis on sensationalising topics and gossiping about celebrities. On the other hand, broadsheets address serious subjects and use more intellectual language.

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Media Industries – Career Path (Alma)

TotalBiscuit – John Bain

John Bain is a videogame commentator and critic that goes under the online alias ‘TotalBiscuit’. He gives first impressions for a multitude of games and provides educated commentary towards controversies in the gaming industry. As of 2012, he became a professional eSports caster for the game Starcraft 2, sponsoring Team Axiom for 3 years.

His popularity boomed in 2010, during the Great Recession. Upon being laid off from his job, he started creating commentary videos for World of Warcraft, hoping to earn money from YouTube’s ad-revenue system. He was later invited into Polaris (though, at the time, it was The Game Station), which is a network of gaming channels on YouTube.

He first started by running the World of Warcraft Radio from 2005 to 2010. Later, his fame skyrocketed on YouTube. He became known as a YouTube personality with strong opinions and harsh criticisms, with one describing him as a ‘love him or hate him personality’ and ‘Clarkson with a account’. (Will Porter, 2012)

Porter, Will. (2012) The cult of TotalBiscuit. Available at: (Accessed: 26 September 2016).

Career Plan

I wish to get into the games industry as a creative writer, doing writing for videogames and creating my own visual novels. Thus, this largely relies on my own work. First would be to practice paid work through writing commissions that I can set up on websites such as Tumblr and Twitter. I plan to study creative writing in University as well, which will allow me to get a degree.

Once qualifications and practice is over, I take the first step by reaching out and grabbing a job in the games industry. Creating my own visual novel is up to me, which I am already doing through planning and character creation.

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