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Year 2 – Week 7 – Celia

This week we learnt about typography and the importance of visual distinction among fonts. We learnt about the following aspects.

  1. Upper and lower case.
  2. Leading.
  3. Tracking.
  4. Kerning.

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Year 2 – Week 4, 5 & 6 – Celia

As a collection of three weeks, it should come to no surprise that some time was spent on catch up. This is true for Week 4. We were given time to ensure our blogs were up to date on time and that meant we could spend more time in the future on our project’s work. The next two weeks, however, was spent cracking down on our project’s aims and what we wanted to achieve – especially what inspired us to take this direction.

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Year 2 – Week 3 – Greg

This week we learned about the many facets of script writing and the important of show, don’t tell. We accomplished this through exploring a new storytelling medium – short films – and doing team-based projects on this. Not before analyzing well-acclaimed industry examples, that you will see below.

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Year 2 – Week 3 – Celia

This week, we learned how to analyze our target audience and brainstormed as a class for this purpose. Topics suited for 5-7 Y/Os, topics suited for 9-11 Y/Os, and those that would apply to both. Events, toys, film & TV, we ensured that many areas were covered. Additionally, there was a small lecture on typography – font differences and origins.

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Year 2 – Week 2 – Greg (WIP)

This week was about analyzing news stories and the techniques used to grab reader interest, as well as the Inverted Pyramid Scheme – a method to keep articles concise yet informative. I, however, was not present for this week due to illness. As such, this week’s post may be slightly different compared to those written by my classmates.

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Year 2 – Week 2 – Celia

This week, we presented our findings regarding the various mediums that could be used for our projects. The aim is to branch out and consider other options outside of what we’re used to, while also thinking about what kids of the 5 – 11 age range will be able to comfortably take in. A project can change drastically depending on the medium used, and the accessibility of said medium is a great factor in whether or not the work will gain much ground with kids.

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Year 2 – Week 1 – Greg

This week we were introduced to Unit 9’s content. We will be learning skills to write for specific audiences, branch outside of our comfort zones and look into different mediums. The ultimate goal of this unit is to write for a charity concerning issues pertaining to young adults / today’s youth. This is for an exhibition in the future.

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Year 2 – Week 1 – Celia

Brainstorming & Unit Briefing

This week we were introduced to the units for the year. Unit 9, 10, 11 & 12 before the FMP – Unit 13. For Celia’s lessons, we are focusing on Unit 10. This is a focus on understanding our target audience as we are tasked with creating an educational piece for 5 – 11 year olds in primary school. It can be of any medium, but the topic must be suitable for that age range and must be educational of some topic or skill.

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Beren Attoe Portfolio FINAL

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Beren Attoe Portfolio FINALĀ 

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