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Week 9 – Post Analysis (3/4)

During this week, I was full steam ahead on my story. I found myself writing a good 4000+ words worth of introductions before scrapping the whole lot, rewriting them and ending up with over 8000 words. Purely for introductions!

Here we go.

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Week 8 – Post Analysis (2/4)

After a talk with Zoran, the media section’s manager, I was enlightened to the topic of quantum physics. I’d remembered similar topics, but the fact that all of these philosopical matters were connected was only made aware through this conversation. In fact, it helped a lot, as you’ll see below.

…It gets somewhat complicated below, fair warning.

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Week 7 – Post Analysis (1/4)


There will be 4 post analysis’, focusing on examining and evaluating my current work. This is to expand upon and show how I have used particular writing skills for my benefit. Each analysis will be 500 words long, and focus on only one post, one character or one story decision, with differing topics each time.

The first will look into the story’s opening!

This is the Tumblr blog on which the story is hosted! Click ‘start reading here’ on the right to read from the beginning!

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Week 4, 5 & 6 – Evolution & Beta Product


With the research and my skills analysed, I set about the creation process for my work. This spawned a few ‘beta’ designs and changes to my schedule, the setting and my expectations. By the end of Week 6, I had finished my presentation and knew how far I wanted to take this project, as well as the key elements of my fictional story.

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FMP Research Compilation


The center of my research for this project has always been visual novels. Danganronpa is the franchise in which my story is set in, but I also looked at other visual novels that I’ve read in order to learn from them. Each product will have a summary, proof of research and what I have taken from it. Tropes, themes, particular styles of writing, etc. The only exception to this will be the first topic – Danganronpa – as that warrants more in-depth analysis.

For the record, I have researched…

  • Two video game / novel franchises.
  • One movie, which serves as an influence for Danganronpa.
  • One song, though there are several covers of it by different artists.
  • Three different fields of study, ranging from hobbies to sciences. One is primary research. Two are secondary.
  • Five members of the Danganronpa community (the ‘fandom’).

Were this a spectrum, I would admit that it leans towards more secondary than primary research. Despite that, the results were bountiful. I do not feel as if I have lost anything because of the secondary-focused research, and I have actually learned more than I would have if this were primary-focused.

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FMP Week 1, 2 & 3 – Planning, Proposal, Pre-Production


As a foreword, all blog posts for the FMP will be no more than 1000 words. This is to conserve space.

During the first three weeks of my FMP, the idea had already been set in stone. Through this project, I was finally able to do something that I’ve wanted to do for three years. The story I wished to create was an exploration into a type of creating writing, on top of an analysis of the human psyche and how it reacts to a life-or-death situation.

This type of writing is commonly called ‘fanfiction’. A story set in an established universe from an already existing product. For this particular piece, it was an alternate timeline in the world of Danganronpa, a visual novel / murder mystery franchise with elements of psychological horror.

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(Term 2) Addendum – PDF + Audio

Term 2 – The Walk: Beren Attoe

The audio file by itself.

I attempted to add a couple of ‘click!’ SFX for when Akemi leaves and re-enters the call. There was no music, however. I couldn’t find anything that could be used, especially with the limited time I had.

(Term 2) Week 11/12 – Finishing & Evaluation

Now that the project is finished, I can properly evaluate my work and what I have managed to come up with. However, first, here is the file. Using Flip PDF Professional (software that my dad happened to have), I was able to convert my finished booklet into a HTML file that included all the special effects and transparancy tricks I used. They’ll be talked about later on.

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(Term 2) InDesign Compilation

Due to issues out of my control, I was unable to make further InDesign guides before. Now, I’ve compiled all my InDesign learning into this one post, with step-by-step guides and screencaps. The end also has a few screencaps of what I’ve been able to create using this knowledge.

(They are titled by the notes I took on Google Documents. As such, their formatting may be a little inconsistent, as this took place over several weeks. This is only a minor issue, though, and can be remedied next time.)


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