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Year 2 – Unit 9 / Research – Greg

This post is a collection of my research for Unit 9. This will go into the Cyberpunk genre, common themes and tropes associated with it, biblical undertones, moral ambiguity in fiction and how Cyberpunk classics are ‘disturbingly relevant’ to today’s age. These themes are bolstered by an analysis of several philosophical scenes from both ‘Deus Ex’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’. The research will be finished with my examination of the characteristics of interactive fiction and how it differs from ordinary literature. As a conclusion, I will detail how all of this plays into the project.

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Year 2 – Unit 9 / Planning – Greg

Which skills (at least three) do you think have helped your writing the most over the last year? Why and how?

Dialogue, Subtext and Show, Don’t Tell have been the skills I learnt the most over the last year. While I already had an innate understanding of dialogue through experience, casual eavesdropping and reading character-driven material, the lessons have helped me identify the characteristics that I previously knew – in particular, giving characters a ‘verbal quirk’ to distinguish them. Subtext and Show, Don’t Tell are hand-in-hand as skills pertaining to implicit meanings. This, in short, is to not explicitly tell someone parts of the story and instead use symbolism, body language and action-through-inaction to show the progression of the story and development of characters.

Dialogue, I learnt through Week 4’s exploration into theatre and scriptwriting which makes heavy use of dialogue. Show, Don’t Tell was explored in Week 3 with silent films. Subtext is an overall skill that was seen in both weeks, perhaps moreso 3 than 4. We learnt through industry examples (Cargo & Black Hole for silent films, short interview videos on YouTube for scriptwriting) and practical exercises, which helped greatly as it allowed me to practice these skills hands-on.

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Year 2 – Week 5 – Greg

This week, we learnt about the foundation of documentary and how they differ from literary mediums. These building blocks were made of basic pointers, structure and key questions to ask yourself when writing documentaries. We finished the week with an exercise in turning a short informational piece into a documentary.

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Year 2 – Week 4 – Greg

This week, we learned about the values of dialogue in theater and the basics of playwriting. This lead into a lesson about conflict – namely understanding what ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ conflict is and what separates them.

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Year 2 – Week 8 – Celia

This week we learned about the basics of Adobe Illustrator. This centered around basic shapes and use of the Pathfinder tool. In addition, this week allowed me to explore the planning of my project further in order to cater better to my target audience.

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Year 2 – Week 7 – Celia

This week we learnt about typography and the importance of visual distinction among fonts. We learnt about the following aspects.

  1. Upper and lower case.
  2. Leading.
  3. Tracking.
  4. Kerning.

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Year 2 – Week 4, 5 & 6 – Celia

As a collection of three weeks, it should come to no surprise that some time was spent on catch up. This is true for Week 4. We were given time to ensure our blogs were up to date on time and that meant we could spend more time in the future on our project’s work. The next two weeks, however, was spent cracking down on our project’s aims and what we wanted to achieve – especially what inspired us to take this direction.

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Year 2 – Week 3 – Greg

This week we learned about the many facets of script writing and the important of show, don’t tell. We accomplished this through exploring a new storytelling medium – short films – and doing team-based projects on this. Not before analyzing well-acclaimed industry examples, that you will see below.

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Year 2 – Week 3 – Celia

This week, we learned how to analyze our target audience and brainstormed as a class for this purpose. Topics suited for 5-7 Y/Os, topics suited for 9-11 Y/Os, and those that would apply to both. Events, toys, film & TV, we ensured that many areas were covered. Additionally, there was a small lecture on typography – font differences and origins.

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