During this week, I was full steam ahead on my story. I found myself writing a good 4000+ words worth of introductions before scrapping the whole lot, rewriting them and ending up with over 8000 words. Purely for introductions!

Here we go.

In Danganronpa, an introduction is to see a glimpse into each and every character. This sets them all up, tells you who’s who and see what kind of stereotype they might fit into. It’s a staple for any Danganronpa story, due to the unique manner it’s presented in.

We can see here that everyone has a ‘tag line’ of sorts, then a screen comes up with their name and talent. This is the same for every main game in the series. After this happens, the player is informed on who that person is, how popular they are and why they got their talent. Breaking records, amassing fanbases, showing limitless potential, etc.

The fanstory I use as inspiration, dreadnought-despair, took the introductions a little further. This became more about the situation rather than the character, and was far more fleshed out due to the format being far more akin to a short novel.

Regardless, my conclusion from both canon and fan-created works was that a Danganronpa-styled introduction had to engrave that character into the person’s head. They had to be unforgettable in their first impression.

…So, I tried writing these intros out. I wrote 10 of them in total, and they each were around 200 to 300 words, mostly script format. In the end, I scrapped them. Why? I was conscious about the length, and some could’ve really used some editing work that rewriting them felt like the easier solution. Writing them as Tumblr drafts wasn’t helping, either. Instead, I moved to Google Docs.

There, I rewrote every single introduction in 2 days. That was, for the record, 14 introductions – Miki is the protagonist, and Matsuki had already introduced himself beforehand as the deutagonist. 7 introductions a day, I told myself, and I achieved it. Two in the morning, three in the afternoon, two in the evening. The word count ended up being over 8000. But I don’t regret it, or think that it is too long.


It’s 14 introductions. 14 students to get through, where Miki and Matsuki have a conversation with them. There is exposition on their talent, and then they need to talk about their current situation. In fact, such length won’t appear as long because each introduction will be a separate post on the Tumblr blog, and that in of itself will be separated into three chunks of 4-5.


Once the introductions were finished, I had friends and family look over the quality of my writing. I was looking for glaring inconsistencies and characterization the most. They all said the same thing. ‘I may not remember their names, because they’re Japanese, but I can remember each person and what they were like.’ For how unforgettable they are, I succeeded in creating Danganronpa-styled introductions, and I’m very happy with this!

It looks like scrapping the initial drafts worked out after all!