Most of the research involved will be primary. Any secondary research will involve the map and popular folklore.

I will be talking to a college student (Amber) for any stories, rumours and urban legends.

Information -> Dissection -> Analyze -> Story


This is the legend, folklore or rumour that I have been given. I will record my conversation with the person in question, keeping it as an audio file to use for later and for evidence. Though, alternatively, the rumour can be swapped for a piece of history. Regardless, the key is to learn something about a place.


Taking this information, I will write down a general, brief summary. Only the important elements will be kept, and the ‘fluff’ will be removed. This section is about knowing what is most important.


Once all of the flavor and fluff has been removed, the essential facts and key elements remain. This will be analyzed, and I can draw my own conclusions and ideas from this. Theme & tone will be heavily considered. Here, it is all about knowing what the facts mean and can lead to.


This is the end result. I will incorporate the rumour and allude to it in the story. Either the same kind of story will happen – ‘history repeats itself’ – or the characters will talk about the history of a place and how it has changed. This is the result of taking non-fictional information and turning it into something fictional.


Key aims…

  • Say the question word-for-word, no deviations or verbal tics.
  • Adapt to answers, keep the question non-bias.
  • Keep questions open and easy to answer.

Landmark #1 – The Streets

  1. What can you tell me about the atmosphere of Canterbury High Street?
  2. Can you describe any fights that broken out on the street?
  3. Where have you seen the police, if at all?

Landmark #2 – Marlowe Theatre

  1. How much history does Marlowe Theatre have?
  2. Has anything strange happened at the theatre?
  3. If Marlowe Theatre was taken down, how would you react?

Landmark #3 – Beaney

  1. What art is most often seen here?
  2. What is the atmosphere like?
  3. Why do you think the Beaney is important to Canterbury?

Landmark #4 – Shopping Center

  1. What kind of shops do you see the most?
  2. How easy is it to move around?
  3. Have there been any incidents anywhere around here?

Landmark #5 – Clock Tower

  1. What significance does the tower hold for you, if any?
  2. Can you tell me if anything strange has happened around the tower?
  3. If the tower was removed, how would you feel?