The central theme for this moodboard is the state of life. As you can see, the top row of pictures show comfortable city life with skyscrapers, apartments and neon lights in the distance. Among the lower row is inner conflict, masked criminals and rotten slums. The glitched hands in particular can show a ‘man vs machine’ conflict, or deal with drugs, or even show regret – the bloodstained hands trope.

In the middle, is our ‘protagonist’. A masked, jacket-wearing individual whom we know nothing about, but seems to be looking for something. In the left, he stands in front of an alleyway, staring forward. In the middle, he’s observing his environment. Then, to the right, he looks up at the towering skyscrapers in front of him. It shows progression – a journey.

As these images were found on Google Images and a majority of them came from Pinterest and/or DeviantArt, I’m not entirely sure how to reference these. Post will be updated during the week with links to each picture.