A bigger version can be found here.

Going along with the colour scheme of this cyberpunk world, there’s a lot of purples and pinks here, with a dash of red. Making this mind map, I immediately knew what sections to expand upon:

  1. Style – fashion, landscapes, colour
  2. Audio – music, voice acting, sound effects
  3. Transhumanism – man vs machine, evolution, cybernetics
  4. Interactivity – choice, settings, digital
  5. What if…? – New World Initiative, dystopian future, technology war
  6. Visual – route map, chapter art, establishing shots
  7. Corruption – crime, law enforcement, mega-corporations

From there, I expanded and pinpointed small aspects, what went under what, etc. A few parts didn’t have branching points (visual, interactivity and what if sections in particular), but they didn’t need it. In the end, I had a lot of my world figured out, but the mind map helped me organize and categorize these elements into an easy-to-understand mind map. The software used to design this was

Aspects it helped me expand upon that I didn’t think of before? Music, sound effects and the transhumanist themes were all parts I feel have developed because of this mind map. Music, I considered all the different genres. Sound effects, it helped me ‘see with my ears’ better. Transhumanism, I knew the overall themes but hadn’t written them down anywhere before this.