During Week 3, we were given a presentation about Prevent, and told to answer a few questions on WordPress.

  • What is Prevent?

Prevent is a strategy from the government to combat terrorism and extremism in the UK. This is by preventing people from being radicalized by extremist groups, and working with the authorities (i.e police) and educators (i.e schools).

  • How do people become radicalized?

People can become radicalized by talking with extremist individuals and following ‘cult-like’ groups, be it offline or online through social media such as Facebook or Twitter. They become radicalized after being persuaded to follow a certain set of extremist, over-the-top beliefs.

  • What are the signs that someone is becoming radicalized?

Behavioral change and emotional vulnerability, a change in one’s viewpoints, consistently talking about their beliefs and how angry they are at the world or society.

  • Who can help if you think someone is being radicalized?

The authorities and Prevent teams, who can take quick action in regards to someone’s radicalization. Other than that, it’s possible for therapists or friends & family to help.

  • How can you, creatively, make a difference to help the Prevent Strategy?

Making a story with the same morals and underlying message. A simple presentation or half-hearted story wouldn’t make a different. Instead, the story has to be engaging in it’s own way, while spreading the message of respect, extremists and how to stop radicalization.