Print media is a section of the media industry, which is based around newspapers and magazines. Broadsheets and tabloids are further examples of this, as they’re print-based media and are the two types of newspapers. Over time, however, digital technology has heavily influenced the print industry. Many newspapers such as The Guardian and The Daily Mail have their own websites. Some are based entirely on digital web pages, with no physical copies being published.

The company I will be looking at is PC Gamer. Founded in the UK in 1993 (and in the US in 1994) and published by Future PLC (established in 1985), it started as a monthly publication before expanding and founding it’s own website at From the beginning, they aimed towards PC gamers as their target audience and regularly included interviews, reviews and previews for a wide variety of PC games. The Global Editor-in-Chief is Tim Clark, and he is based in the US.

While beginning as a publication and physical magazine, PC gamer expanded into the digital world through the internet. Creating a digital website, they used the popularity and mainstream usage of the internet in order to spread their news.