unit 1 retro movie poster.png

In class, we were given the task to make a movie poster with a simple, retro style and combine several images together.

By using the Magnetic Lasso tool, I cut out Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, taking special care to not accidentally cut out any of the background with them. For Darth Vader in particular, I flipped him horizontally so that it fit the idea I had.

Then, by cutting out the black border of another poster and inserting it over the edge of my piece, the result was a neatly photoshopped movie poster with a retro theme.

porchlight poem illustration.png


To further familiarize ourselves with Photoshop, we created a Porchlight poster using the poem extract from Greg’s class (See Week 7). This was simple, as I found an image of a ghostly homeless figure at night.

The text was difficult, but the left-right-left-right-left-right style fit the poem well, so I went with that. This was done by making 6 different text boxes and positioning them, which ended up creating several layers.

Colours were more difficult, as all white text would blend into the background image and be hard to see. I tried purple for the right-aligned text, but it wasn’t helpful. Eventually, red worked out, as I found out I could change the text’s properties by right clicking on the text’s specific layer and going into the options. This gave the text a thin black border, which helped the text stand out.