I believe that the article has gone well, with perhaps more good parts than bad parts! There is no immediate issue with the writing style, with no mistakes in spelling, grammar or structure. Proper research has been done to ensure that all information is correct, with the statistics and vox pops we did in class before. One part – while extremely small – that I enjoyed was ‘faking’ a hyperlink. By colouring a piece of text and underlining it, it gave it the exact same appearance as a hyperlink, with the intended effect of implying there are more articles – every online newspaper has this, linking to other related stories.

The target audience of this piece is towards those who know of Hulk Hogan, leaning more on the older generation – as Hulk Hogan himself is around 60 years old. Fans of wrestling would be interested in this news, as well as those who are keen on celebrity happenings or matters regarding discrimination (be it good or bad). While not the most important story, it is news that people would be interested in, moreso for the aftermath and consequences rather than the actual story – the main point being, Hulk Hogan was fired from the WWE.

For weaknesses, time management as a whole is still a sticking point – though I am improving on this, steadily. For the article itself, there could have maybe been an image that isn’t a twitter screenshot, something such as a head shot of Hulk Hogan, or something to do with the legal case?

But, overall, the article was a success. I appear to be more tailored towards broadsheet-style papers, rather than tabloid stories, which is a good thing as it is my style.