1. Do you know who Hulk Hogan is?
  2. Hulk Hogan left the WWE after a leaked 2008 tape showed him being racist towards his daughter’s boyfriend. Do you believe people can say anything as long as it’s private?
  3. Do you believe celebrities have the freedom to act however they want?
  4. Would you be disappointed to know a celebrity was racist?
  5. Do you believe every company must have zero tolerance for racism?
  6. Should a racist remark be forgiven if it were 7-10 years old?
  7. Is it wrong for the WWE to remove all traces of Hulk Hogan from their websites and stores?
  8. Do you believe there is not enough movement to stop discrimination?
  9. Do you look up to certain celebrities as role models?
  10. Have you witnessed any racism in the past 7 days?

See below for pie charts.