This post will cover both Target Audience chosen for survey and Effectiveness and Limitations, as this is a complete summary and evaluation of my questionnaire.

My target audience for the questionnaire was people familiar with wrestling – leaning more on American people I knew online, as wrestling is more prominent in the U.S than it is in England. This meant that they were more familiar with the Hulk Hogan scandal and, considering recent news (election, BlackLivesMatter and bigoted people), racism was also a topic frequently discussed over there. This meant that Americans in particular could relate to the questions, though that doesn’t exclude everyone else. It simply meant they could relate.

I believe, personally, that I made a good decision regarding the target audience of the questionnaire.

As to my evaluation of the questions themselves, I believe that I could have done better. There was room for improvement in regards to the ordering of the questions (some could have been switched around for better flow), and I heard that the second question was badly worded – too long and a little confusing. It was an attempt to establish context, but there could have been better ways to handle it.

I was limited by the yes/no format of the questions, though it provided for easy sorting of statistics afterwards.

For what I would do next time, I would distribute the questionnaire better. By scattering it around to friends both online and in real life, it was difficult to get answers quickly. I also believe some questions could be re-arranged, re-worded and replaced so it was more efficient. At the least, the purpose was to gather data to show public opinion. In that sense, the questionnaire was a success, despite the noticeable flaws.