Strengths: I believe my strongest point to be my focus on character above all else. A well-built character can have the story built around them, but the reverse is harder for me to achieve. I feel most passionate about characters, being able to delve into their mind and examine who they are, so I have built my writing around that. As such, it is what I have practiced the most.

Apart from that, I find my descriptive writing to be another strong point. While there are flaws in it – as with anything else – I have practiced time and time again to paint a clear image with words. By examining animation, films and visual media, I describe the environment to myself. It’s been a habit of mine for years now, which has reflected in my writing. And, personally, I feel I am doing well enough to call this a skill as well as a habit.

Weaknesses: For my weaknesses, I’m fully aware of two flaws that hinder my writing and my potential as a writer. The former comes from overwriting. Sometimes, I have done so for emphasis, but there are other times where I do not even realize that a paragraph could be a sentence or two.

The latter, I do not have as much of an extensive vocabulary as other writers. I can’t pinpoint why, but there are times where I cannot recall a better word without having to search for it. Of course, I’m working on dealing with this issue as much as possible – I read as much as any writer, perhaps even moreso – but it’s a slow process.

Opportunities: I already work for my parents as a proofreader that I get paid for, but this has become possible because of my attachment to writing. It started not long after the course did, as my parents wanted me to earn my own money and found the best opportunity to do so by using my own skills for them.

For future opportunities, there is the matter of confidence. I am quiet, shy, awkward, modest and I’m not outwardly able to express my thoughts. Being able to show others my writing – and get complimented for it – has been able to build my confidence. The fact that there are other writers around me as well has helped tremendously.

Threats: Time has not been my greatest asset. On top of work, winding down and other responsibilities, I’ve managed my time in a way that leaves me doing things somewhat haphazardly. This, along with other factors, can also lead me to being overwhelmed and pressured. I can produce work on time, but the journey is sometimes chaotic and stressful. In that way, I’m a little thankful that the course is only two and a half days.