This is a short evaluation on the vox pops that I did for Unit 2 3.1. I did short, under 3 minute interviews with 4 of my classmates, asking them questions regarding racism and the issue of celebrities being racist. This line of questioning stems from the report I’m choosing to do, which is based on a 2015 story about Hulk Hogan being racist in a leaked 2008 tape.

To begin with, I brainstormed possible questions with my classmate, Robbie. We were initially going to work together, though circumstances prevented us from doing so. In the end, I made these 3 questions.

  1. How do you feel about racism?
  2. How do you feelĀ about celebrities being racist?
  3. When do you consider a racist remark to be ‘too old’?

In the recordings, these questions were phrased just slightly differently, but only in the word choice here and there. ‘How do you feel about celebrities being racist?’ was instead phrased as ‘What do you think about celebrities being racist?’, which I feel had the exact same meaning and I do not think it impacted on my results. A verbal tic of mine made the first question come out as ‘How do you feel about racism as a whole?’ which is something I’m working on.

Then, gradually, I interviewed my 4 classmates (one of them being Robbie) and listened intently to the recordings. I transcribed to the best of my ability, though Taylor’s recording did happen to be a little hard to understand toward the end – leading me to paraphrase his response slightly while keeping the intended meaning.

Overall, I felt the questions were effective! It was a build-up process and I found that the last question in particular was a deep and thoughtful one. Or, as Jamie put in his recording, it was a difficult question to immediately answer.

For what I would do next time, I would manage my time better – it definitely was not on my side for the whole of October and I know that I won’t make such an occurrance happen again. I would also work on my verbal tics, as they might get in the way later on in life – as I noticed (to a harmless effect) with my questions here.