This week, I learnt the importance of copywriting and how good web design can help attract more readers. Copywriting is a form of writing on online media that is associated with advertising/marketing. It is specifically designed to persuade readers to take a particular action and to raise brand awareness.

Web design helps this. On the Internet, a recognizable and simple website will be visited more compared to another that produces the exact same content, but does it in a clunky, messy way. This is vital, as only 20% of readers will read beyond the headlines. Having a poorly built website reduces that already small percentage.

In class, we were given the choice to either ‘sell’ (do copywriting for) our college course or ourselves. I chose the latter. The writing was important, but we were also given the task to imagine how the writing would fit around a website.

I took this a little further, however. Using Tumblr, I built a fully fleshed out blog complete with copywriting, commission info and a look that was easy on the eyes. I also used this chance to perform a little experiment. Instead of looking at professional sources first, I wanted to see how well I could do by finishing my own work first and then looking at a professional source. That way, it was like a blind test.

Ironically, it was perhaps not the most professional move. It was an interesting idea, at the very least. Here is the link to the blog that I made, though below contains the piece of copywriting I did for it.

Hello! I’m Beren, a freelance writer from the UK. I’ve been writing since 2008, starting out as a roleplayer on World of Warcraft. Now, I have 8 years of writing experience and an A* in my English GCSE. Early on, I realized that I won’t ever stop writing. It’s not a job, but it’s so much more than a hobby.

To me, writing is an art that is similar to cooking – if you put love into it, the reader will notice. That is my philosophy and that is what I want to deliver to you. I want to create the scenarios and scenes that you’ve longed to see.

I can promise you this – I don’t give up, I don’t slack and I don’t give anything that’s less than my best. I will give you your dream in a creative, consistent style and in a hasty, efficient manner. You’ll get your money’s worth and more.

It was a good shot at a first attempt. Prior to this, I never even thought about professional copywriting. Below was the most surprising example I found, which comes from comedy company Cultivated Wit.


I found myself surprised at how informal and comedic the copywriting was. In a simple paragraph, it immediately sets itself apart from the thousands of checkboxes and overly generic advertising, which drew me in.

And upon looking at my own text again, I see how I could’ve improved. I went for an overly formal approach. Were I to rewrite my own piece, I would’ve focused on a more casual feeling. That way, the reader can relate more to the writer.